Your kid's first-ever laptop book


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What is your kid exposed to? Digital world or the creative world? We believe that every child is unique but with one thing in common, it’s the love of excitement. That is what we are intended to deliver in every book of ours for the young ones on this planet.

The Laptop Book

Something new? Yes! These pop-up books are kid-friendly, opened like a laptop. If your kid is fond of your laptop or any other digital medium, give them our pop-up book and see the difference. Every page has beautiful pop-ups that’s never seen before, supporting background, surprise and fun. The laptop books are 100% harmless. Pleasant to the eyes with beautiful illustrations. Lightweight to hold and enjoy the stories and rhymes. Next time if your kid wants your laptop, give them a laptop book.

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    Red Balloon

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Goodness of Pop-Up Books

Best replacement for mobiles and tabs
Colorful Artworks
Pleasant to the eyes
Excitement in every page
Encourages reading habit
Creative thinking
Improves Imagination
Keep kids engaged
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